What others had to say:

V889 Building Self Confidence and Removing Fear of Success

Always enjoy Don Mottin’s enthusiasm. This class helped with
listening for those subtle messages that decrease self-confidence, or
holding onto fear of success ideas. This was a good reminder that the
preliminary is just as important as the actual session.  Loved the use
of the self-confidence scale.
Patricia B. Windham, ME

I liked to be able to help others. Discovering not to use “What If”
was a great benefit for me. I also benefited from learning more
about anchors. It’s nice to be able to give a great value to my clients.
A. H. Fenton, MO

Enjoyed the program – forced me to face reality.  
Deborah T. Bay Harbor Islands, FL

The three items that I benefited most was 1. The use of posthypnotic
suggestions and anchors. 2. Overcoming fear of success.
3. The use of indirect suggestions to remove imprints. This class has
enhanced my ability to help clients overcome fear of  
Paula L. Toronto Canada

I really enjoyed this course and I have learned a lot from this. The
differences between the regular phobia and the fear of success were
interesting and clearly explained in this course.
Kazem S. Philadelphia, PA

Fantastic videos. I have watched them three times! I have felt
unsuccessful and afraid to try anything. Now I am ready to be great
again. There is nothing to fear but fear itself
Mary Ann K. Ballwin, MO

Mr. Mottin has a lot of energy and his practical teaching is very
effective. I liked the way he stressed that everyone has confidence
(some level) about certain things. That is a starting point even for a
person with a very hopeless or depressed outlook.   
Matthew S.  Irving, TX

This course provided solutions to people who did not realize they
had fear of success. I liked the photo of the 15 dogs. Showed how
much value can be offered to someone who is out of hope. Opened
up simple solutions  that work.
Ted M. Agawam, MA

I loved Don’s use of the colored as an anchor.  The explanation why
fears are present was beneficial to me.  I’ve incorporated red into my
suggestions, and have it as a strong color on my business cards.  
Kary B. Delta, Canada

The three items that I benefited most from was, Learning that there
are two different types of confidence. The eight most common ways
of using post hypnotic suggestions was very good.  The idea of using
indirect suggestions to remove imprints. I liked the entertaining
stories with relevant to teaching points.
Patrick D. Cumming, GA

I really enjoyed this “experience” because it caused me to recognize
within myself some feelings I previously had no control over. What
a nice feeling that is and will be for future clients. Many of Don’s
remarks are SO practical, “they must” be from real experiences
rather than from theory only.
Dirk R. Kansas City, MO