V-889  Building Self-confidence and removing fear of success:

Here is a program that can help you and your clients,
and save 50%.  This is one of Don’s
earlier programs that have remained one of the most sought after programs on his
webpage.  This program has never been offered at a sale price.  

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Don Mottin has hypnotized over 50,000 people throughout his career. The one thing that everyone
wants is more self-confidence. Whether you are the president of a large corporation or the night-time
janitor, everyone feels that a boost in self-confidence would be advantageous.  Another element that
millions of people deal with is removing fear of success. So often it feels as if we take two steps forward
and then three steps back. That old saying that we can be our own worst enemy is so true.

  • How to allow yourself to benefit from an increase in self-confidence.
  • How to build self-confidence.
  • How to deliver suggestions that work.
  • How to help the client establish realistic expectations.
  • How to market your new sessions.
  • How to remove fear of success.
  • How to remove imprints.
  • How to use positive anchors for ongoing reinforcement.

  • Two DVDs.
  • Written scripts for confidence.
  • Written scripts for fear of success.
  • Written techniques for imprints.
  • A group session conducted for self-confidence by Don Mottin.
  • Ads to promote your new sessions.
  • Extra Bonus self-confidence scripts.
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded.

This program comes with Workbook and two DVDs covering the entire class.

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