V677 Become a Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor

I liked the DVDs of a real class. I learned how to do a
group induction. I also benefited from learning what to
charge, and when and how to offer discounts. The time line
was broken down to day of the week, and by hours, and
Janis H. Holl MA

I liked Don’s delivery. It was simple and straight forward. I
now feel confident on teaching a course. I’ve tried before
and didn’t feel like it was successful. I benefited from
learning the 10 elements that will sell the class. It was great
to have all the written material on a separate CD.
Christine R. Silver Springs, FL

I learned the importance of pacing yourself for the six hour
class.  The structure of the class gave key lists, and types of
imprints.  This gave me the confidence to set up my own
classes to provide self-hypnosis instruction and really
highlighted the importance of balancing information and
making it flow.
Nicholas E. Kent England

All of your classes are fun, and informative. They build
confidence and remind you of things we tend to forget. I
love your common sense approach. I’ve taken classes in
person and on DVD. Love them all. I benefited early on in
the class learning how to run your business. The step by
step agenda and handouts are excellent, and easy to
Lynda W. Westborough MA

I was impressed and excited to learn enough to add a new
dimension to my practice.
Thank you.
Sky W. Colorado Springs, CO

This let me know that self-hypnosis can be taught in group
setting, and can be effective. Also, learned of venues to
approach to train them.  I know anyone can do self-
hypnosis. The certification provided with this class adds
Steve M. N. Charleston, SC

The three items that I most benefited from are, The
understanding of how to set up times. The outline of step
by step was very thorough. The use of discounts and
marketing worked well.   Also liked  hands on practical
ways of setting up a class.
John  W.  House Springs, MO

This gave me insight on how others teach self-hypnosis.
Removal of imprints was new to me. Complete copy of
promotional material. Having the 6 steps of self-hypnosis
laid out was beneficial to me.
Patrick D. Cumming, GA  

The ease of the flow of the material presented and the
confidence of the presenter are some of the things that I
liked best. The presenter’s confidence is very important
factor when taking a class.  The outline is very !! Detailed.
Tim R. Delaware, OH

This course was fun as it was entertaining! Christopher .
North Lauderdale, FL

Don’s workshops are really good!  
Sharron P. BC, Canada

Very well organized; nice handouts  
Kathie T. Deland, FL