F-171  GORILLA NLP - 2 DVDs and Full Workbook

This program is called Gorilla NLP for a reason. First, it is extremely powerful. Secondly, it is simple to use. If you have ever wanted to discover the benefits of using NLP
with hypnosis, but did not want to spend thousands of dollars and weeks of your time; this program is for you. Don Mottin is known for his ability to take a complex topic
and make it simple to learn.

Here are just a few of the things that you will be learning:

  • * Capitalizing on the four learning modes

  • * Checklist Making the VAK System Work for You

  • * Creating instant rapport

  • * Eye accessing cues

  • * How Does NLP Work With Hypnosis?

  • * Identifying the type of client that you will be working with

  • * Implementing matching or mirroring

  • * Mastering the Circle of Excellence technique

  • * Powerful metaphors

  • * Removing fears in one session

  • * Sub-modalities

  • * The creation of values

  • * The Five Representational Systems

  • * The five ways that we experience the world

  • * The Four Learning Modes Eye Accessing Cues

  • * The Four Pillars of NLP

  • * The Meta Model   

  • * The origin of Pacing and Leading

  • * The perfect visualization exercise

  • * The questions that will uncover motivation styles

  • * The Reticular Activating System (RAS)

  • * The two types of motivation

  • * The 7 criteria for goals

  • * Plus, much, much, more


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