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F-210 Innovative Hypnotic Techniques

Don Mottin’s favorite program.

I have the privilege of speaking to hundreds of hypnotists each year. Many times hypnotists want to know which of my programs is my
favorite. That’s an easy one. It is INNOVATIVE HYPNOTIC TECHNIQUES. Once hypnotists learn the techniques in this program, they say
that they use something from Innovative with every client.

Over 175 Pages of Written Material, 4 DVDs, and Certificate of Completion.

Early in Don’s career, he had seven offices in three different states. With over 14 full time hypnotists, He needed a way to ensure that he
kept the same high success rates regardless of which office you visited. Knowing that for success to take place we needed to go way
beyond the simple script. Don would routinely hold meetings with his hypnotists and pass on specialized techniques that could be inserted
into their sessions.

Now with his career changing from private session to more training, he wanted to take all of these techniques and place them in a home
study program. With over 150 specific techniques, this training will change the way that you are currently conducting sessions. Well over
1,000 hypnotists are using these time proven success strategies. Imagine having over three decades of training in one exciting program.
Remember over 150 techniques in one program.

Here is just a small sample of what you can achieve with Innovative Hypnotic Techniques:

  • Three letters to increase success. Page 12.
  • Overcome plateaus. Page 18.
  • Keeping the weight loss client happy and motivated. Page 44.
  • Sports enhancement. Page 47.
  • Shoe tap induction. Page 80.
  • Remove imprints without abreactions. Page 94.
  • Remove future imprints. Page 98.
  • The cookie metaphor, Page 104.
  • Client knows that they have been hypnotized. Page 116.
  • Remove negative past associations. Page 130.
  • Understanding subconscious behaviors. Page 145.
  • Using the sense of smell. Page 177.

Full Innovative program with workbook and 4 DVDs.

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