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Jim H. of Chicago summed up this offer with his comments.
" It's about time that our profession has moved into the 21st century. Using computers to help you conduct sessions has now become a reality, and a necessity".

  • HDR Hypnosis Desk Reference $175.00    
  • Everything CD $60.00                                        
  • Script book CD $30.00  
  • Induction CD $15.00  

    Total $280.00                                              
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    Sale ends on November 30th, 2017

HDR (Hypnotherapy Desk Reference):

Most people have heard of the PDR, Physicians Desk Reference. Well here is the HDR, Hypnotherapy Desk Reference. Yes, it does come with the written manual that is over 150
pages in length, but that is just the beginning. This is a full computerized program. It will not only tell you what to say, but also when to say it.  With the HDR, when a client comes in
for a session you will look up the type of session on your computer and then scripts and therapeutic techniques will be right in front of you on your computer screen. For example: If
you were working with a nail biter you would see script 46 and special techniques R & W.

All of the information is available by computer and in your written copy of the HDR. Over 90 different sessions are covered in this program. The program comes with a computer
CD, an audio CD that describes how each therapeutic technique is used, and a full workbook.

A certificate of completion will be awarded.


Listed below is a list of what you will find on the EVERYTHING CD. Inductions, Scripts, Deepening techniques, Convincers, and much, much, more. This CD will work on any
computer that can read a word file. You will have the ability to alter each script or technique in order to make them work the best for you. If you print out the material on this CD you
will have over 500 pages of material, containing over 200,000 words. This CD could prove to be one of the best investment that you have ever made.

Induction Scripts - To induce Hypnosis:

  • Analytical chalk technique        
  • Analytical induction 7-2  
  • Analytical induction technique
  • Arm Levitation Method I
  • Arm Levitation Method II
  • Arm-Drop Method
  • Association Method  
  • Children Bionic Arm Method
  • Children Eye Fixation
  • Children Favorite Place
  • Method Children Magic Shape Method
  • Children Magic Television Method
  • Children Make Believe Friend Method  
  • Children Rapid Method
  • Children Television Imagination Method
  • Confusion Method
  • Creating Mental Nothingness
  • Dave Elman Method
  • Direct Gaze Method
  • Dr flowers induction
  • Drop Object Method  
  • Embarking on a Journey
  • Fixation Object  
  • Forest And Stream Method
  • Gil Boyne Method of Conditioning
  • Hand Shake Method  
  • Hand to Face Method
  • Hands Closing Together I
  • Hands Closing Together II  
  • Hands Pressing Down Method
  • Instantaneous Method
  • Misdirection Method
  • Mountain Trip Method
  • Non-verbal Method I
  • Non-verbal Method II
  • Progressive relaxation technique
  • Quick induction technique
  • Rapid Finger Spot Method
  • Rapid induction technique
  • Rapid Method Permissive I
  • Rapid Method Permissive II  

Deepener Scripts - To Deepen Hypnosis:

  • Eye Technique
  • Re-induction Eye Open Close
  • Relaxation Method I  
  • Relaxation Method II  
  • Staircase Method
  • Stairs Technique
  • Stiff Arm Method

Convincer Scripts - To test Hypnosis:

  • Arm Up Test  
  • Eye Catalepsy Test  
  • Eye Test
  • Signs of Trance  
  • Spinning Hands Test  

Hypnotic Scripts

  • Activate personal success
  • AIDS Session I
  • AIDS Session II  
  • Alcohol Session I  
  • Alcohol Session II  
  • Alcohol Session III  
  • Alcohol Session IV
  • Alcohol Anger or Temper
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Asthma Awaken Termination  
  • Awakening process
  • Becoming The Light
  • Bed-wetting  
  • Blushing
  • Body Temperature
  • Bruxism Grinding Teeth  
  • Bust development
  • Childbirth Disassociation
  • Childbirth Time Distortion  
  • Circulation Concentration  
  • Confidence suggestion-1
  • Confidence suggestion-2  
  • Constipation  
  • Creating  
  • Creative Abilities  
  • Depression I
  • Depression II
  • Depression
  • That Was Yesterday  
  • Disease
  • Drug Addiction Session I
  • Drug Addiction Session II  
  • Drugs  
  • Easing Someone from Your Mind
  • Energy  
  • ESP Development  
  • Exam Anxiety  
  • Exams  
  • Forgiveness Therapy
  • Frigidity script  
  • Goal Accomplishment  
  • Good sleep suggestion  
  • Healing Temple
  • Healing
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Being a Professional I
  • Would If I Could
  • Improving Hearing
  • Inner Advisor
  • Insomnia
  • Jealousy
  • Library Scene
  • Memory recall at will
  • Memory recall  
  • Migraine Headaches  
  • Nail Biting
  • Non-smoker
  • trance-formation
  • Number therapy
  • Pain Control
  • Pain or Anxiety as the Object  
  • Pain therapy  
  • Past Life Regression therapy
  • Preoperative Problem Solving (3 Step)  
  • Procrastination I  
  • Procrastination II
  • Programming suggestion
  • Prosperity I  
  • Prosperity II  
  • Protective Shield  
  • Public Speaking  
  • Rainbow Garden
  • Rape Trauma  
  • Reading Faster
  • Recall suggestion
  • Relationship therapy  
  • Secret of Study Habits  
  • Self Confidence Fear  
  • Self Confidence I
  • Self Confidence II
  • Sexual Male
  • Smokers therapy
  • Smoking Addendum
  • Smoking-Purifying
  • White Light
  • Stop Smoking Script I
  • Stop Smoking Script II
  • Stop Smoking Script III  
  • Stop Smoking Script IV
  • Stop Smoking Script V  
  • Study Habits
  • Secrets Success Confidence  
  • Unlimited Reality and Weight Control  
  • Weight Loss keys
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • Weight Script I
  • Weight Script II
  • Weight Script III
  • Weight Script IV  
  • Wellness Suggestion


Script Book for Professional Hypnotherapists:    

This book  contains over 45 scripts for various sessions.  The scripts are indexed by those for men, women or children, but with a little personalization from you, you will be able to
use them with everyone.  These scripts will help you jump start your imagination, to be able to come up with better ways to communicate with your clients, honing in on those words
or phrases that reach deep within their sub-conscious minds, and achieve the desired goal.

You will find scripts on:

  • Working with children
  • ADD
  • bed-wetting
  • confidence
  • concentration
  • handling divorce
  • fears
  • homework
  • memory
  • test anxiety
  • weight loss
  • childbirth
  • menstrual cramps
  • morning sickness
  • nail biting
  • positive attitude
  • become pregnant
  • feel younger
  • body building
  • chewing tobacco
  • exercise
  • impotence
  • motivation
  • jealousy
  • control weight
  • anger
  • become organized
  • compulsive spending
  • credit cards
  • surviving divorce
  • emotional eating
  • exercising
  • financial success
  • better house keeper
  • hypochondria
  • memory
  • motivation
  • overcome alcohol
  • weight loss plateaus
  • positive attitude
  • snacks
  • increase self-Confidence
  • quit smoking
  • stress
  • stuttering
  • become success conscious
  • using time
  • general weight loss.    


The 12 Best Inductions:

This CD can be used with any word software, such as Microsoft Word. This CD will teach you over one dozen hypnotic inductions (word by word). Everything is written out for you
to use.


  • HDR Hypnosis Desk Reference $175.00    
  • Everything CD $60.00                                        
  • Script book CD $30.00  
  • Induction CD $15.00  

    Total $280.00     
    Sale price of $98.00                        
    Sale ends on November 30th, 2017