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Being a hypnotist without advanced regression techniques would be like a mechanic who doesn't know how to use a wrench.  If you don't have at least a dozen different types of
regression you are doing a disservice to your clients. Don Mottin says that when a new hypnotist would apply for a position with his centers he always inquired about their abilities
to use regression.

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A message from Don Mottin:

Throughout my 35 year career in hypnosis there have been many things that have surprised me. The ability of a client to become free of pain. Children who are able to improve
their grades. Removal of negative conscious and subconscious behaviors. The one element of hypnosis that still leaves me in awe is regression.  Early on in my career, I was told
that a person can recall anything that they have ever seen, heard, felt, or read. Being from Missouri, The Show Me State, I initially had a hard time believing that all information
was stored in the subconscious.

Around 1983, I started to investigate the benefits of hypnotic regression. I discovered that by categorizing regression into five specific types it could then be used successfully with
almost every type of session. The one element that disturbed me was the fact that it was easy for a client to fantasize while under hypnosis. I wanted to ensure that the information
I was retrieving was accurate.  After regressing over 1,000 people I came up with key words, phrases, and sets of suggestions that would ensure that the information was
accurate. We named the set of suggestions verifiers, and now use them with all of our regressions.  I also found that some clients appeared to regress easier than others did.  It
wasn't until the mid-80s that I found everyone is capable of being regressed, if I was using the correct techniques. This is when we started to develop our 20 different techniques
and a way of testing which technique would work best for a specific client.  I cannot even imagine having a high success rate with clients without having the ability to use at least
one of the forms of regression that we have developed.  I have a very specific goal for this class, I want every attendee to master the techniques of regression and be ready to
utilize them.

Who Is The Perfect Candidate ..
Hypnotists who would like to have a variety of different techniques to use for regression and uncovering imprints.
Hypnotists who would like to use forensic hypnosis and work with law enforcement agencies.
Hypnotists who wish to use positive anchoring techniques that can be discovered with regression.
Hypnotists who work in the area of past-life regression and would like to have the tools to validate their discoveries.

Don Mottin began using hypnosis initially with law enforcement back in the mid-1970s.  Don has worked on cases involving rape, murder, robberies, assaults, hit and ru
burglaries, and police shootings, just to name a few. With his vast experience of forensic hypnosis and over 32 years of private practice, Don has the techniques to use for
regression that will lead to success.

What You Will Learn ...

  • How to use 20 Different Regression Techniques
  • How to Eliminate Abreactions
  • How to use the 12 Rules of Forensic Hypnosis
  • How to Validate Information
  • How to Avoid False Memories
  • How to use Truisms to Enhance Regression
  • How to use Regression for Lost Objects
  • How to Avoid Conscious Interference
  • How to Market Regression Services
  • How to Use Automatic Writing and Ideo-Motor Technique
  • How to Restore the Memory
  • How to use Transfer of Anesthesia
  • Plus, Much, Much More . . .

What You Will Receive . . .

  • A Full Workbook
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • 8 Continuing Education Hours
  • A Full Set of Pre-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • The Set of Verifiers
  • The Regression Form
  • The Court Testifying Check List
  • In this one class you will master over 20 different regression techniques.

Don Mottin began his career conducting forensic hypnosis. One of the key elements of forensic hypnosis is to make certain that the information retrieved is accurate.  You may
have been advised to avoid using regression in your practice without having additional training. Here is the opportunity to secure professional training in regression.  This class is
the perfect answer for those interested in Forensic Hypnosis, Therapeutic Regression, Finding Lost Items, or those who are doing research into past-lives and want to accurately
document their findings.

4 DVDs, Full Workbook and Certificate

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