What others have to say:


I have already consulted this for several topics, as well as topics I had not
even considered. I feel I have a useful tool.
Sheila S. Conway, AR

Very glad I bought this program. Very good. I will use it a
Maria B. Albuquerque, NM

Glad to see that our profession is moving into the 21st century and this
program will help that move.
Robert B. Bardstown, KY

This was like a novel! Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down! And
the scripts and techniques work so well!
Sue H. Omaha, NE

I found that the material sparked my own creativity to expand the
techniques and personalize the scripts to fit my style and experience.
Donna M. West Bloomfield, MI

As a new hypnotherapist, I see this resource as a great way to increase my
knowledge base and confidence in my practice. A great tool when seeing a
new condition for the first time. Thanks!
Debbie N. Woodland, WA

HDR This is a great resource and reference to have – just as I heard from
other sources before ordering it. Mr. Mottin is easy to listen to. I like his
style – very upbeat, positive, practical and down-to-earth.
Matthew S. Irving, TX

Fantastic – I am a new Clinical Hypnotherapist and I will use this book for
many years to come. Thank you for this Desk Reference.
Kitty H. Wishek, ND

This program is moving to be a well-organized wealth of materials for every
situation and type of session! Thank you for compiling this.
Dr. Roberta L. Tularosa, NM

This program was beneficial to have a resourceful index to refer to as
needed, having a general script that I could manipulate to each client’s
needs, and the techniques section is quite fun to use in conjunction with the
Thanks for making the journey a bit easier.                                       
Connie B. Vancouver, WA

Don Clearly demonstrates the applications for importing the different
techniques and providing an easy to use dynamic tool. Good tool for any
therapist, regardless of experience. Priceless reference for those times you
need to think on your feet. This illustrates the benefit of combining direct
suggestions and metaphors.
Nicholas E. Kent England

It was so nice to hear your voice again, and to get such a solid review of so
much that you have shared live, especially in Toronto. I benefited from the
CD Rom, and the manual / workbook.
Gary C.  Kingston Canada