Most people have heard of the PDR, Physicians Desk
Reference. Well here is the HDR, Hypnotherapy  Desk
Reference. Yes, it does come with the written manual that is
over 150 pages in length, but that is just the beginning. This is a
full computerized program. It will not only tell  you what to say,
but also when to say it.

With the HDR, when a client comes in for a session you will look
up the type of session on your computer and then scripts and
therapeutic techniques will be right in front of you on your
computer screen.

For example: If you were working with a nail biter you would
see script 46 and special techniques R  & W.  All of the
information is available by computer and in your written copy of
the HDR.  Over 90 different sessions are covered in this
program. The program comes with a computer CD, an audio CD
that describes how each therapeutic technique is used, and a
full workbook.  A certificate of completion will be awarded.
HDR101 HDR (Hypnotherapy Desk Reference):