What others have to say:

I took away tools to use – sample questions and answers to use during work
with victims and witnesses, to look for whatever may be or the situation, and
the steps and rules concerning forensics.
Janice K. St. Louis, MO

The 12 rules for a successful forensic session were very helpful. I liked
knowing about potential problems that could come up. Marketing information
is very helpful.
Patrick D. Cumming, GA.

I liked learning about doing regressions without leading the client. Loved the
safety zone. Also loved the insight into how police conduct business. As with
anything Don puts out, I enjoyed all of the detail. No stone left unturned, yet
Don makes it all easily understandable!
Christopher J. Niagara Falls, NY.

I learned more things. I liked everything presented. There is not sufficient
space to list all of the benefits that I received.
James K. Pacific, MO

Mr. Mottin shared a wealth of useful tips and information, obviously, based
on his years of experience. This will be very helpful to me. Thank you!
Carol K. Port Angeles, WA

I loved it and it taught me good ways to phrase as not to lead a person. Also,
about making for more time and being patient. It also taught me to make sure
if I need to hypnotize an officer, make sure he doesn’t have his gun on.
Debra G. Danielson, CT

The importance of not having too much information prior to the session is a
significant help and was a bit of a surprise to me. However, it makes lots of
sense in the way Don explained it. The information on the videos is very
helpful and in some ways better than attending class, since it can be reviewed
over and over. I learn by repetition and appreciate being able to repeat the
dvds. I enjoy Don’s method of teaching and the handouts to go along with
the videos.                              
Cynthia G. Decatur, IL

learned that being patient with your client when looking for information is
vital. I learned very helpful information about conducting a forensic
Charles G. Haines City, FL

I am very pleased with this class. Information I can use now.
Wallace U. South Point, OH
Helped me understand forensics, but mostly, how to market – always a big
Mary R. Pilot Hill, CA

It really went into detail. I was just thrilled with it!
Alice L. Chippewa Falls, WI