Here is your chance to take your hypnosis practice into the exciting field of Forensic hypnosis.   Hypnosis has been used
to help solve crimes as far back as 1845.  Police Departments have found that even in States not allowing hypnosis to be
used in court, it is a very valuable adjunct to their investigations.  This exciting program will also prove to be extremely
valuable in helping you establish regression techniques that are both beneficial and accurate for your clients.

Don Mottin has worked with everything from minor thefts to major homicides.  In this full day home study program you will
master the techniques that will take your regression skills to the next level.

You will learn:

History of Forensic Hypnosis                               How to avoid leading

Five requirements of success                             Where to conduct sessions

How much time to invest                                     What to charge

Forensic Phraseology                                        The use of 10 codes

The police interview                                            Regression for vehicle information

Regression for sounds                                       Regression to view the perpetrator

Memory enhancement                                        The use of truisms

Metaphors and forensic hypnosis                      The 20 steps for forensic hypnosis

The court check list                                            Reasons we forget

The 12 rules to always remember                      The construction theory

Avoiding problems                                              Cognitive recall

Reliving regression                                            The use of a safety zone

Anesthesia in forensic sessions                         Ideo-motor

How to market your new services                       Transfer of control

You will receive:   4 DVD’s  *  Forensic workbook, * Certificate of completion  

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