F-711 Winning The Battle Over Gambling With Hypnosis:       

This program is for every hypnotist who wants to make a dramatic change in another person’s life. Every hypnotist that realizes that hypnosis can help with other problems such as
smoking and weight loss. Hypnotists who want to increase their income, while making a very positive change in their client’s life.

What is gambling? Gambling refers to wagering something of value on a game or event in which the outcome is unpredictable and is largely determined by chance.

For most people, gambling can be an enjoyable form of recreation with little or no harmful effects. Problem gambling can adversely affect the individual, the family, and society.
Gambling behavior may evolve into more persistent and maladaptive behaviors known as compulsive (pathological) gambling. The compulsive gambler experiences the same effect
from gambling as an addict experiences from using their drug of choice (alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines).  

The impact of a gambling addiction far exceeds the obvious financial losses incurred by the repeated gambling. Approximately one percent of adults are estimated to meet the criteria
for compulsive gambling in a given year. Another 2-3 percent would be considered problem gamblers. Adolescent prevalence rates of problem gambling are estimated to be 2-4 times
that of adults. The highest rate is among individuals 18 to 25. The estimated annual cost for problem and pathological gambling is $5 billion per year and an additional $40 billion in
lifetime costs for productivity reductions, social service, and creditor losses.


    What you will learn.

    • How to use kinesthetic anchors to replace the gambling sensation.
    • Formulating scripts that will remove or decrease the urges to gamble.
    • Creating rapport with the gambler.
    • Overcoming the statement, “I don’t want to totally quit gambling.”
    • Using posthypnotic suggestions with the gambler.
    • How metaphors can change behaviors.
    • When regression is the right tool.
    • How to deal with the withdrawals.
    • Handling emotions.
    • The difference between men and women when gambling.
    • Employment risks.
    • Both husband and wife are gamblers.
    • Sleep problems for gamblers.
    • The difference between habits and addictions.

    What you will receive.

    • The full gambling workbook.
    • The perfect gamblers affirmation.
    • A certificate of completion.
    • Four CEUs.

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