What others have to say:

F-711 Winning the Battle over Gambling with Hypnosis

The NLP techniques will help me get through with difficult clients. The
good connection between the book and the video, and the good quality of
both. Good dynamic, enthusiastic teacher with excellent teaching techniques.
Lisel B. Highland Park, NJ

This was excellent material on a subject I had not studied before. As well as
being useful for hypnosis / NLP it will help me create Emotional Freedom
Techniques. I benefited from the statistics and risk factors for gambling.
Morris  B. Helston United Kingdom

Don’s presentations are superb. I liked everything about this class. This
helped me understand how complex the thinking of the gambler can be. I
liked having the material for all aspects of working with gamblers from the
beginning to the end of the session.  
Joey H. Collinsville, IL.

I benefited learning about the who, why, and how people gamble. The two
types of gamblers was helpful to know. I liked the integration of NLP and
hypnosis. I liked learning about the external stimulants associated with
Colleen O. Las Vegas, NV.

It was beneficial to realize that the techniques works for more than just
gambling. I loved this program. Don’s style is great. The deepening
techniques and the right / left shoulder techniques are ones I will use.
A. H. Fenton, MO.

Don’s ability to make a class fun, allowed me to absorbed more
information.  I especially benefited from the scripts, the deepening
techniques, and relating gambling to other addictions.
Cynthia G. Decatur, IL.

Knowing how casinos us a hypnotic type of techniques with comps was
interesting to me. I also, like the gambling test. People who gamble can
mess up their health, and relationships.             
Sonny L. Meritt Island, FL.

Learning great techniques. I am confident to work with the client who
wants to quit gambling. There were a lot of great techniques, and scripts.
Stanley Y. Seattle, WA

I liked how the class was right to the point about the topic, and the humor in
the delivery of the course. Learning about the statistics, and the types of
gamblers will benefit me in my practice.
Steve M. Shaker Heights, OH

What did I like about this class? EVERYTHING. This class was great. I
benefited from the inductions, the scripts, and Don’s presentation.
Bobby A. Cedar Hill, MO

Liked the lively presentation,  and the good overview of gambling, and
gamblers. Discussion of the pre-talk was beneficial to me. The deepeners
and scripts were also beneficial.                
Thomas M. Richmond Hill NY.

I benefited from learning the various facts of gambling. The multiple scripts
are very helpful. This has given me the information to work with gambling
Dorothy N. Florissant, MO.

This class is wonderful and helping so much. I benefited from the part using
NLP. The gambling test and scripts are very useful.
Leonid K. Maryland Heights, MO