What others have to say:

Clarified how past life regression can avoid confusing
practice with controversial religious issues. Practical ways to
put past life regression as a therapeutic technique. Excellent
deepening and induction techniques related to past life
regression. Super summary of important issues
Dr. Richard K. Jacksonville, IL

I always enjoy Don’s class. They are so interesting and
presentation of the material is so good time flies. The
classes are always so positive I feel good about myself and
keeps me in a positive frame of mind.
Judith L. De Soto, MO

Easy to understand, different body scans and exiting for
regression, automatic writing, different marketing. Learned
information from past life can be beneficial in present
Dixie S.  Festus, MO

The intake form provided is better than anything I could
have come up with. The scripts provided are quite
Matthew C. Concord, NH

As I had no real background in this area, I feel the course
gave all the information and material to me I needed to
William A. S. Ph.D. Tampa, FL

I learned how it can be beneficial to incorporate a
therapeutic suggestion to get the most out of an experience
in the past and present life.
Beverly E. Council Bluffs

Don, as always, is thorough and entertaining. I loved all of
the scripts he included in the workbook. I have a much
greater understanding of the process of past life regressions
therapy now.
Sara P. Scottsdale, AZ

This class was very informative and enjoyable. It always
lends extra credibility to a class when the instructor has
years of experience and research.
Lance G. Charleston, SC

Having purchased the videos, I have been pleased to be
able to listen to them numerous times to be able to pick-up
the many details and fine nuances of information that I
might have missed had I only attended the class in person.
There is a great deal of information delivered in an amusing
and entertaining manner, while still being serious about the
Sandra P. Morrison, CO