F-705 Past Live Regression in a Professional Practice

2 DVDs with Workbook

This program has everything that the hypnotist needs in order to do past life regressions
effectively, including a complete past life regression session for you to learn from.

  • Information on past lives.
  • What prevents a client from recalling a past life.
  • Understanding reincarnation.
  • Learn what is karma.
  • The reincarnation preliminary session.
  • The 16 reason why a person wants to be regressed.
  • The reincarnation case history form.
  • Understanding and using the Body Scan.
  • Using repeated inductions.
  • Preventing abreactions by using the Safety Zone.
  • Six different regression techniques.
  • Tips to enhance memory recall.
  • Scripts written out for you.
  • Six requirements for automatic writing.
  • How much time to allow for a past life session.
  • Increasing success with the Red Envelope technique.
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions for past life regression.
  • The seven best affirmations.
  • Marketing past life sessions.
  • Mastering the three hour past life class.
  • A certificate of Completion.
  • Plus Much, Much More!

Workbook is over 40 Pages with 2 DVDs of the live class.

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