What others have to say:


Two words: “simplicity and clarity”. And to that you might add “sensitivity”,
which is so important to women who have been taught to expect suffering
when there’s no need for it. The written material was very complete. There
was never a time when I had doubts about what to do next. With the many
relaxation and pain management methods that the client experiences, there is
always one that works very well. The focus was always on giving the client
the best experience possible.
Wayne A. Austin, TX

As usual, most helpful. Don, as expected, expanded and refined techniques I
was using. Likes the NLP anchors with hypnosis and the letters provided in
the workbook.                                                                    
J. Ross H. Mt. Dora, FL

I liked seeing the pain control techniques broken down. The script included
with the manual, the step-by-step nature of the process and the
demonstrations were beneficial.                                           
Susan P. Van Nuys, CA

The manual was very well written and very helpful to me. The class gave me
the tools to work in this area with confidence.
C. M. Ph.D. S. Glastonbury, CT

Just tonight I spoke to a childbirth class – the four-session protocol helped
me present my information. The clear delineation of the four session, with
agendas for each, was beneficial.
Dr. Caere D. Prescott, AZ

The scripts are not only very well written, but refreshingly creative. The
training provided here is detailed and thorough. I feel that it also opens up an
entirely new and exciting avenue for my practice.
Matthew C. Concord, NH

The entire class was very informative and enjoyable! Looking forward to my
first painless childbirth client!
Jana M. Candia, NH

I rarely pass up an opportunity to get direct training from Don. He’s the best
instructor I have ever encountered in any field. In this program, the scripts
for each painless childbirth session are well thought out and presented in
such a way, they can be used immediately.
William S. Dallas, TX

Don Mottin presented the information in an entertaining manner and held my
attention. The video was enjoyable to watch and something that may be
reviewed without being bored to death. The written material was well
presented, organized and conveyed clearly. I really enjoyed this seminar and
feel it gave me what I needed.
Josephine H. Haverhill, MA

This class gives a first-rate direction and interaction from professional to
client. Don takes so much time to give us a full example of working with a
client from beginning to end.             
Robert H. Plainfield, NH

It helped me feel comfortable in my abilities to use hypnosis for painless
childbirth in my practice with clients. The explanation of the progression of
the sessions and what to do during each one was helpful.
Rita C. Glen Carbon, IL

CHILDBIRTH Great instructor – love the video! DVDs and printed material
Dr. Jill B. Toms River, NJ