F-406 Painless Child Birth (2 DVD's & 1 AUDIO CD)

When we discuss hypnosis and childbirth we’re not looking at anything new. Hypnosis for pain free
childbirth has been used for over 60 years. Don Mottin has been working with women for pain free
childbirth for over three decades.  Don did not discover the use of pain control with hypnosis, but has
used his experiences of working with over 50,000 clients to have the perfect three session program.
Most hypnotists have heard of two Physicians that worked for years using hypnosis during surgery.  
These two innovators were Dr. Braid 1795-1860 and Dr. Esdaile 1808 – 1850. They used hypnosis as a
way to help thousands of patients.

There are five reasons why you should have this program:

  1. In 2003 Don had a major stroke and was confined to a wheelchair. It’s truly amazing to see that
    even while wheelchair bound Don’s excitement of what he does still shines through.
  2. On two DVDs you will master a three to four session program on working with client’s to achieve a
    delivery that is pain free and positive
  3. This program features a CD reordered by a female hypnotist. You will have the rights to either
    make copies of this CD and give to your clients, or use the information to make your own
  4. Each session is written out for you. Yes, a full workbook with special techniques and scripts. There
    are even letters to send to doctors. Why try and reinvent the wheel when everything is already
    here for you.
  5. A certificate of completion from Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis. This program also has 4


  • Full workbook
  • Two DVDs
  • One audio CD
  • Certificate

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