F405 Hypnotic Inductions

I loved the home study program! I was able to learn at my own pace, review
and progress as I went along. There was an abundance of new information
presented in an easy to learn way, thanks to Don Mottin’s wonderful
teaching style! This class is the perfect “next step” for everyone who wants
to keep learning and expanding their knowledge of hypnosis. I learned a lot,
but was not intimidated by the information. I loved it!
Carolyn B. St. Charles, MO                                  

The inductions are invaluable, but especially helpful is learning which types of
inductions work with which types of clients.
Matthew C. Concord, NH

How to select correct inductions, concise list of ingredients for a good
induction and matching inductions with specific music for best results
for visual, auditory or kinesthetic clients. It’s obvious much research
went into what would work the best.
Joan S.  Lancaster, PA

Don’s excitement about hypnosis! The group induction information
was helpful, as was the rapid induction that was demonstrated. The
secrets of a good induction are good to know.
Jana M. Candia, NH

One of the most beneficial areas of the program was the variety of
induction methods presented. Made me think about using more
creative “music” for different techniques. Gave me some ideas to
expand on using the visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques
together. I was able to study at my own pace on my own time.
Cathy G. Scottsdale, AZ

I like how Don explains the psychology and the “why’s” on how to
phrase things. A lot of instructors say, “Do it this way”, but Don says
“why” to do it the way he presents.
William S. Dallas, TX

The workbook is excellent. Having a single source with so many
effective inductions is very helpful. Previously, I was somewhat fearful
of rapid inductions; however, I have already used three of these in the
workbook with great success! Excellent program! Very motivating.

Grace X. Mesquite, NV

Don is great with kids and the inductions and techniques for children
are awesome. They are great tools. Don always takes the profession
and professionals forward. The information is always presented in a
way that can be translated to the office very easily.        
David E. Somerville, MA

Excellent! Surpassed my expectations. Thank you
Jill B. Toms River, NJ

Knowing when to use what induction according to the “type” of client
is most beneficial. Nice to have home study program. Don Mottin has
a great reputation and presents very well.                   
S. Lane P. Jonesboro, GA

The variety of inductions presented helps me to be more confident
with a range of clients. It was beneficial to see the many
demonstrations illustrating the step-by-step techniques. Liked the
“sleep to hypnosis” induction – very cool. Can’t wait to try it!   
Douglas M. Mendham, NJ