There are a variety of different steps that are performed in each and every hypnotic session. Depending on whom you speak to you will hear a
difference as to how important each of the steps may be. Don Mottin has hypnotized over 50,000 individuals. When Don was asked if he could pick
the most important elements of a hypnotic session it took him less than five seconds to come up with the answer. If your induction does not work,
that ends the whole session.


There are two elements that must be mastered in order to be successful as a professional hypnotist.  The first is the ability to induce the hypnotic state
100% of the time. Yes, 100%. Too often, hypnotists learn one or two inductions and then wonder why they have a low success rate. It would be
wonderful if every client responded to the same hypnotic induction. If that was the case we would only need a single induction. You will learn over 25
different inductions.  

In this program you will learn:

  • The eight secrets of a positive induction.
  • How to always be able to avoid failures.
  • Using music to enhance the induction process.
  • Clients personal characteristic survey.
  • The sound effect induction.
  • Analytical induction.
  • Arm levitation induction.
  • Arm drop induction.
  • Association induction.
  • Bionic induction.
  • Direct induction.
  • Direct gaze induction
  • Group inductions
  • Forest and stream induction.
  • Inductions for children.
  • Conditioning induction.
  • Hand shake induction.
  • Hand to face induction.
  • Eye focus induction.
  • Indirect induction.
  • Instantaneous induction.
  • Television induction.
  • Non-verbal induction.
  • Rapid induction.
  • Re-induction.
  • Relaxation induction.
  • Pendulum induction.
  • Eye blink induction.
  • Sleep induction.
  • NLP induction.
  • Puppet induction.

In addition to the live instructions you will receive the 53 page hypnotic induction workbook, and the customized musical CD that was created by Don
Mottin.  Imagine having the right type of music for the right type of induction.  As an added bonus you will receive an extra DVD filled with all types
of inductions.

Certificate of completion from Mottin & Johnson Institute Plus, much, much, more. 3 DVDs and 1 Audio CD    

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