What others had to say:

F-305 Hoarding

This brought back memories of my childhood in the 50’s of my neighbors
going down in their basement. There were little paths one had to take. The
firetrap they lived in.  The worst was the fact that the fire chief lived across
the street. A fire could have burned down the whole block. Such a different
perspective now. Back then it was considered normal. Understanding the
research and understanding of this material is excellent. This brought back
memories of my first client, and how I could have done it more efficient.
John L. Salom Arm Canada

Class was fabulous!  I liked learning how to get referrals. I wasn’t doing it  
right. It was beneficial to identifying the triggers for hoarding. The hoarding
questionnaire was helpful as well as more instruction on hypnotizing clients.
Helen M. Endeavor WI

Complete overview of this condition, and factors associated with the
condition. Opened my eyes to the benefit that hypnosis for hoarders. I
benefited from understanding the stages of hoarding.  It was helpful to learn
about different areas of hoarding Books, animals, and
Mary S. Flushing, MI

The workbook was very helpful, it kept me focused and on target with the
presentation. I benefited from the scripts, and understanding the difference
between hoarding, and collecting.
Susan H. Asheville, NC

I benefited from learning why people hoard. There is no logic in hoarding,
but the reasons gave me a better understanding. The similarities between
hoarding, overeating. They both normally have low self-esteem. Robyn R.
Boulder City, CO

Thank you for a great class. I have a deeper understanding of hoarders, and
new tools to use. Class was very organized with new information, and great
Rhonda J. Orange, CA

Don’s presentations are always enjoyable. Feel like I can get a good
program together for hoarders.  Liked learning about anxiety connection to
discarding. The scripts were beneficial.
discarding. The scripts were beneficial.
Care D. Ph.D.  Prescott, AZ

It helped me to learn how hoarding is related to overeating. I like knowing
how to tell the difference between hoarding, and squalors, etc. It was
beneficial to learn about the different types of hoarders, and the possible
cause of hoarding.
Kathy  H. Cylinder, IA

Everything was explained very clearly. The testing area can be used for this,
and other issues. I was a little concerned about using the term hoarding in
advertisements and brochures, but the way you called this as cluttering
made sense.  
Kathleen Y. Manchester NH

What I liked about the class was the clarity with which it was presented.
Very easy to follow and apply. Knowing the difference between clutter,
hoarding, and collecting was beneficial to me, as well as the hoarder test.
Charlene D.  Henrico, VA

This has helped me to understand the emotional aspects of the hoarder, and
to understand the issues of daily life that are affected. The three areas
where I benefited were the definitions as well as the types of hoarders. The
hoarder questionnaire and the scripts are always useful and good quality.  
Susan M.  Bedford, MA

This class provided a lot of new information, and will help me integrate
work with hoarders. The hypnosis scripts, and diagnostic questionnaires
were helpful.                                                
Morris B.  Cornwall United Kingdom