Hypnosis for hoarders, clutters’, excessive collectors, and more.

There are literally millions of people that are hoarders, and even more that fall into the category of clutterers. For
some hoarders their behavior has actually become life threatening. Hoarding can affect the client in five different
ways. The first is what happens with their self image. The longer the hoarding goes on, the worst the self image
becomes. The second issue is the toll that this issue takes on the family. The third element is the legal issues. A large
number of hoarders are in violation of state, or county laws. Financial problems are the fourth element. Many
hoarders spend thousands of dollars on their possessions.  The fifth element is health problems caused by the living
conditions of many hoarders.

Listed below is a partial list of what you will learn:

  • Using anchors
  • Animal neglect
  • Guilt
  • Physical dangers
  • Regression
  • Family members
  • Imprints
  • Key words
  • Stress
  • Hypnosis & NLP
  • Rate the hoarding
  • When to refer
  • The enabler
  • Secondary gains
  • Verbal contracts
  • Using metaphors
  • Self-hypnosis
  • County laws
  • Male hoarders
  • Use of the senses
  • False justification
  • Family members
  • Fears
  • Use of indirects
  • Initial event
  • Financial rewards
  • Future pacing
  • Full workbook
  • Certificate
  • CEUs
  • Scripts
  • Techniques
  • Rating the level
  • Plus, much, much more…..

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