Most people are amazed that individuals suffering PTSD come from all walks of life. Women as well as men experience PTSD. When we
first think of PTSD, our first inclination is to look towards our brave men and women in the military. Yes, there is a high rate of PTSD
suffers in the military, but what about the millions of other people. There are police, fire, and paramedics who experience PTSD. Let’s not
forget nurses and doctors. There are millions of people who have some degree of PTSD that took place after an injury, a crime, or other
traumatic event.

With the use of the PTSD testing form, you will know what to say and how to say it. Why reinvent the wheel? Even the intake form is

(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Full workbook with 2 DVDs

• The complete PTSD workbook
• Three hours of intense training
• A certificate of completion
• The PTSD testing forms
• Powerful hypnotic scripts
• The PTSD intake form
• Letters to licensed professionals
• The 1 to 36 graph
• The PTSD affirmation card
• The six step practice form
• Marketing material
• Outline 90 minute talk
• The PTSD regression technique
• Special induction for nervous clients
• The 3 step plan overcome numbness
• The impact phase form
• The 25 most crucial questions to ask
• 4 CEUs
• The testimonial form
• The referral network form

• The emotional & physical reactions
• Understanding the risk factors
• How to use anchors
• How to utilize visual stimulants
• Future pacing your scripts
• The requirements for post-hypnotics
• How to overcome self-blame
• Handling the side effects
• How to create realistic expectations
• Working with the avoidance
• Children and PTSD
• Causes of PTSD
• Understanding mental replaying
• Working with intrusive recollections
• The impact phase
• Chemical dependent and PTSD
• First responders and PTSD
• Irrational behavior
• When grief is not healthy
• The 10 coping strategies
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