What others had to say:

F-300  Working With  P.T.S.D.  (Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I loved this class. The scripts are wonderful and can be
used in other sessions, not just for PTSD. The
professional letters are fabulous to have. The intake
form and tests are really thorough. I learned that
sometimes we are dealing with people’s perception and
not the actual event. Pretalk so important! It was
beneficial to learn that children’s stressors may not be
real, they may just be imagined. Finally, I benefited from
using future pacing. Showing the client that the future
will hold great possibilities, and the transformation is
taking place now.
Mona C. Naples, FL

This class helped me by learning about the severe
reactions to trauma and taking back control after
PTSD. I benefited from knowing the 8 elements of
PTSD. The intake form and the scripts were beneficial.
Patrick D. Cumming, GA

This class helped me to define PTSD and treatment
approach using hypnosis. I like that it was specific to
the approach and tools to use.  I also liked that there
was guidance as to how to approach referrals.  I
benefited from learning the elements of PTSD, and the
impact of perception. The tangible tools such as the
intake form, 1- 36 scale, the PTSD test, and the self-
confidence test were all beneficial to me.  
Jennifer B. Larchmont, NY

It helped me to see direct examples of situations and
symptoms of PTSD.  This also helped me see people
from a different point of view.  I found the 6 elements of
burnout beneficial. After using the PTSD test seems I’m
a candidate.
William G. Middlesex, NY

Taught me that perception of the event is what we
address. Amazed that people with fears will  then have
a fear that they will be afraid. Wow!  Confirmed the use
of compounding suggestions. The scripts are very
much appreciated.  It was beneficial for me to learn
about rick factors.
Linda H. Long Praire, MN

I’ve been working with a woman who divorced last year.
I felt that I hit a block. After watching the first DVD, it hit
me that she may have PTSD. Now, we are moving
forward. The new awareness is wonderful.   I never
realized who all could be affected by
Shaun C. Payson, UT

This class has given me the tools and confidence to
begin helping a wider range of people who are truly in
need.  I expanded my awareness of how many people
suffer from PTSD. I also found the metric for measuring
PTSD helpful.
Matt H. Columbus

Any class with Don is very helpful. I liked learning about
the three phases of PTSD and the PTSD test. All of the
scripts and forms are helpful.
Jivotov K.   King  City Canada