One of the main prerequisites in order to be a success as a hypnotist is the ability to remove imprints.

An imprint is a behavior that has been created because of something that we, saw, heard, felt, read, or experienced in the past. Types of imprints
usually fall into one of three categories.

We have negative imprints that are effecting our daily life in destructive ways.

We may experience positive imprints that will contribute to some of our upbeat characteristics.

The third type is those that, although we encountered an event, did not seem to have either a negative or a positive affect on us.

Emotionally experiencing some type of situation taking place is what opens the mind to the suggestions.

Imprint removal is one of the things that make hypnosis different from other forms of therapy.

Too often, we may fall into the habit of thinking that simply regressing a person back to a traumatic event will automatically release them from the
negative behavior.  The thought is that once you know that such and such happened when you were nine years old will now instantly make the
problem vanish.  For example, let’s think of a 45 year old man with a morbid fear of bees.  The man knows that this fear began when he was nine
years old.  At age nine he disturbed a hornet’s nest and was stung over twenty times.  Ever since that event he has had a terrible fear of any type
of insects that might fly and sting.  Simply knowing the origin did not make the fear fade away.  There are times when realizing the origin can aid in
it being removed, but we should not count on that as our only technique.

What you will learn!

  •    You will learn how to rapidly remove imprints with fifteen different  techniques.
  •    The use of Realization.
  •    Utilizing Truisms.
  •    Changing internal history.
  •    Discovering and destroying the imprint with the Library.
  •    Created amnesia in a therapeutic way.
  •    Altering the client’s perceptions.
  •    Subconscious alternative ways of responding.
  •    Utilizing indirect suggestions.
  •    Firm direct suggestions.
  •    Visualization and metaphors.
  •    It was alright in the past.
  •    Improve, but don’t succeed.
  •    Key words, images, and sounds.
  •    Erasing the years.
  •    Affirmations.

You will also receive.  A full workbook on imprints.  A Certificate of completion plus, 2 DVDs of the live class.  

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