What others had to say:

F270 Hypnosis for Sales People

This was a very interesting program and I learned a lot from it. Step-by-step
conduction of the sales class was great. Pricing was very informative,
explanation of getting private sessions from group was very good. Describing
the businesses that can benefit from hypnosis sales class was very
informative. Thanks so much.  
Kazem S. Philadelphia, PA

Don this DVD set has to be the best video production value, and quality of
all. I’m confident now that I will have plenty of daytime work, I benefited
from the presentation, outline, and the timeline.
John L. Travelers Rest, SC

This class gives a valuable instructor’s manual. It is very good for preparing
a show. Good scripts with marketing material.
Stanley O. Seattle, WA

Excellent, very complete program! Thank you!
Jim F.  Hinsdale, IL

Has given me direction. How to avoid words and building rapport. Creating a
healthy and safe environment for employees. It was beneficial to understand
that I do not need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is here.  
Richelle  T. Charlotte, NC

I enjoyed the exceptional way in which the material was presented. Don is an
excellent speaker and makes learning fun. The program was very thorough.
Outstanding program! I learned a lot and really enjoy it.
Tony Z.  Red Bud, IL

I have developed my own program for Salespeople after taking this course. I’
m confident that I’m on the right path. The program provides me with
additional ideas to enhance what I’m doing and help me market my services.
I benefited from knowing how to price a program. The 12 reasons to use
hypnosis for sales people is good marketing
Linda S. Edwardsville, IL.

Module stands on its own. Covers stress, confidence, and sales. Easy to use,
itemized lists are very helpful. Excellent resource from which to design an
income generating workshop for sales people to attend.
Norma W. Pickering,  Canada

I really benefited from the idea  “ The book of great knowledge” This
technique will be used for my clients, and for my own practice. The outline
for the sales class is great. Like the simple way NLP techniques were
explained. I love the fact that this has opened up a whole new market for me
as well as the fact that so much of this applies to me and marketing my
hypnosis practice.  
Ron H. Vancouver, WA

Extremely well done. Well presented and well documented.        
Robert S. Rockford, IL