F-270 Hypnosis for Sales People

Don’t miss out on this remarkable training.  Be sure to read the testimonials from
other professionals.

Full Workbook containing step-by-step techniques. 4 DVDs

You Will Learn

  • How to conduct private sessions for six different areas of sales improvement.
  • How to teach a three hour sales seminar to companies.
  • How to ensure that you will always be in demand.
  • How to add $50,000 or more to your present income.
  • How to market both private and group sales programs.
  • How to price your programs for maximum return.
  • How to ensure referrals from each program.
  • How to earn over $1,000 on a $5 investment.
  • How to run a successful operation from your home or office.

You Will Receive

  • Complete step-by-step workbook for private sessions.
  • Preliminary tips, scripts, and post-session dialogue.
  • Your own Instructor’s Manual for Sales Seminars.
  • A toll free 1-800 line for consultation after the class.
  • Certificate of Completion.   

Learn this Profitable Specialty NOW!

An Overview of the Class:

The class is actually three classes in one.  First, you will learn to conduct the six most popular private sessions that Sales
people are interested in. This portion of the class goes way beyond a simple script. Each of the six sessions covers the
preliminary, the induction, the script, post-hypnotic, and post-session dialogue.

The second portion of the class will teach you how to conduct a three hour seminar on sales enhancement for companies.
In your teacher’s manual, the entire class will be broken down into ten minute increments. Each of the ten minute
increments will include exact wording, tips, and exercises.

The third portion of the class will detail how to price and market your newly learned services. In one day, you will have the
knowledge of hypno-sales that has taken over ten years to develop.

Why re-invent the wheel when everything is laid out for you?

How You Will Learn:

Don Mottin has developed this Sales Trainer Seminar in an easy-to follow, step-by-step format. You will learn how to apply
your knowledge of hypnosis to a market of over 20 million prospective clients. You will have an untapped market no matter
where you practice.  

Questions and Answers:

I don’t know anything about sales. Will I be able to conduct these sessions or classes?
Answer:  Yes, you will learn about motivation, communications, and attitude. The three elements of sales.
Question:  Can I be successful conducting these programs from a home office?
Answer:  Sales classes and private sessions can be accomplished equally well from a home or office location.
Question:  I don’t have any interest in conducting seminars. Will part of the class be useless to me?
Answer:  The class is designed so that the material for private sessions and groups may be used together.
Question:  Why does hypnosis work so well for sales people?
Answer:  In smoking sessions, clients may not really want to quit. Every sales person wants to make more money.
Question:  I need more business, but I don’t have a lot of money to invest in advertisement. Is this for me?
Answer:  For less than fifty dollars, you can start to see income from conducting these programs.

Price $150.00