F-260 Marketing to Corporations:  

An average Corporate Program will gross 20 times more income than an individual session.  The three hot
sessions for companies are stop smoking, weight reduction, and stress. Don Mottin says the surest way to
achieve success in this profession is to seize an opportunity at the correct time. The time has never been
better than now to enter the corporate market with hypnosis. With most companies their employees are
finding that their out of pocket expenses are increasing while the amount of coverage they have is

Most companies both small and large care a great deal about their employees, but can no longer make a
commitment to higher premiums each month.  This is where hypnosis comes in. A hypnosis program is a
onetime expense rather than a reoccurring cost each month.

A program that generates three to eight thousand dollars is a major benefit to most hypnotists. On the other
hand this amount is trivial when you look at the companies yearly expenses.

Just a few of the items that you will learn with this program.

•        Eliminate objections before they are made.
•        Classifying different types of business
•        Reaching the decision makers
•        Knowing when to move on to the next prospect
•        Rapidly knowing whether you are best to sell a group session, private session, or both
•        The ten reasons why a company should us hypnosis
•        Creating rapport within one minute
•        Discover how much to charge
•        The six payment structures
•        Find out why selling is like a movie
•        Wipe out buyer’s remorse before it happens
•        Watch out for the three people who can stop you from reaching the decision maker
•        Learn new techniques for smoking
•        Learn new techniques for weight loss
•        Learn new techniques for stress reduction
•        A full eight hour outline for a stress reduction class
•        Plus, much, much, more

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