New program that was just filmed last month. Over 30 techniques that will change your sessions forever. Yes, that is a very bold statement, but it is true. Your hypnosis practice will be
changed in a very positive way.

    What you will learn:

    Techniques that you need to know:
    •        A regression without any abreactions.
    •        When and how to use amnesia as a therapeutic tool.
    •        Eliminating sweets for weight loss clients.
    •        A techniques which can be used when doing group presentations
    •        The most powerful post hypnotic suggestion for children.
    •        Forcefully warning the client about three things that could interfere with their success.
    •        A beautiful visualization that has three hidden suggestions.
    •        When to use progression rather than regression.
    •        Having your clients realize that they have been hypnotized.
    •        A powerful technique to use with every pain control client.
    •        When a fictitious fable is the right thing to use.
    •        The post hypnotic suggestions that clients love.
    •        Using the story of a pond to remove stress.
    •        Having your clients enjoy the journey to success as much as reaching the goal.
    •        Delivering one suggestion in the pre-talk that will keep the client in a hypnotic state.
    •        Making the date of the client’s session to be one of the most import moments of their life.
    •        A three minute technique that can wipe out years of imprints.

    What you will receive:
    •        The Full workbook.
    •        The DVD of the live class.
    •        A certificate of completion, and
    •        4 CEUs.

Too often hypnotists go from one extreme or the other when they decide on their delivery of hypnotic suggestions.  Harry Arons 1914-1997 used mostly direct suggestions He also developed
a scale to judge the depth of hypnosis that is still used today, by various instructors.  Dr. Milton Erickson 1901-1980 used mostly indirect suggestions and the use of metaphors.   Both Arons
and Erickson both achieved success with their client’s even though their approaches were almost complete opposite.

A client has the ability to pick up on whether the hypnotist is confident with their approach.  For a new approach to be successful the hypnotist must review the techniques and know instantly
that this approach will work.  I wanted to share a few of the techniques that I’ve been using for years.  Let’s first look at the technique that we call Deep Snow.

It seems that so often we allow outside stimulants to rule our lives. We have all heard people say, “Stress pushed me back into smoking”, or “The kids made me eat”. It is a lot easier to use
another person or event as the excuse for failure, rather than accepting the fact that we have the ability to change the way we respond to any situation or event.  I can recall a few years back
when we had a terrible snowstorm. One of the neighbors was outside trying to get his car out of the driveway and was cursing up a storm. Another neighbor walked out on her porch and said,
“I’m not going to make it to work today, but there is a good book that I have been wanting to finish.” There was also a young boy who lived across the street that looked at all the snow and
said, “Thanks, God!” as he jumped into the snow.

Each of these three people encountered the same stimulant, since the snow wasn’t any deeper on one side of the street than the other. One person viewed this as a tragedy, another
thought, “Oh, well”, and the last one viewed it as a blessing. You are now changing the way you view any situation or circumstance to ensure your total success.

The goal was, get the client to realize and accept the fact that we could have various people encounter the same thing and yet respond totally differently.  This reinforces the fact that the
client can change their perceptions as needed.

The next technique was developed in the reverse order. I started with the thought that I would like to tell a client to eat less but enjoy it more.  Sounds like a good idea, but too many clients
would not have responded correctly to that suggestion.  We added the technique that we call only one cookie, which accomplished the goal.

I would like you to imagine a little  girl about five or six years old. This little girl asks  her mother if she could have a handful of cookies. The mother says, “No. You may have one cookie.”
The little  girl is upset, but takes that one cookie to the table.  She spends a few moments looking at the top of the cookie. Then she spends some time looking at the bottom of the cookie,
and even the sides of the cookie. Finally, she takes the smallest, little bite of the cookie and lets it dissolve in her mouth. Then, she takes a second bite, and finally after many bites, and
about ten minutes of time, she takes the last tiny bite of the cookie.  She picks up a few crumbs that have fallen onto the table, pops them into  her mouth, and let’s out a sigh of satisfaction.
It is quite evident that this little girl received much more enjoyment from that one cookie than she would have from even a dozen cookies. Now, if a five or six year-old child has enough wisdom
in  her life to eat less and enjoy it more, surely, we as adults can do the same.

Whenever you are delivering a suggestions where there is a child in the story it is best to make it gender specific. If the client is a male the child that you are describing will be a little boy.  A
female client will have a little girl in the suggestions.

As a hypnotist we need to always be investigating new techniques. What may have worked in 1990 could be totally obsolete today.