4 DVDs of the program filmed in April 2014, Computer CD which works on PCs as well as Macs, Workbook,
and Certificate of Completion.

A smoking cessation session has to be one of the most challenging types of sessions. In order to be successful you must have a
means of evaluating the type of client that you will be working with.

There is a need to fully know why the client has picked this time to be a nonsmoker. Are they more physically addicted to the
nicotine or have they developed a strong psychological habit pattern? We must also be able to ascertain what types of fears
might be present about becoming a nonsmoker. Some of these apprehensions are evident at a conscious level while other may be
hiding at a subconscious level. Knowing when to use regression will make you a more competent hypnotist. Should you be
working with a client using aversion therapy, or would only positive suggestion work best? It has been proven that what
transpires in the pre-talk will greatly influence the overall success rate. Too often hypnotists deliver the same suggestions for all
of their smoking clients. In order to obtain maximum success rates you need to rapidly create a plan of action. This is where the
computer smoking CD comes into play.

You must speak with the client. As we had various hypnotists try out this computerized program, we had a hypnotist ask if they
still needed to speak with the client. He was actually a little disappointed to learn that he would need to ask the clients some
questions in order to be ready to shift over to the computer part of the sessions. No matter how high-tech we become a
computer can never totally replace the need for the hypnotist, a computer program is definitely the way to go.
This exciting stop smoking program starts out with an innovative case history form that may be filled out within minutes. Each
of our clients will fall into a specific category. These categories are then broken down into two subcategories to ensure both
personalized and precise sessions.

The material on the computerized CD is both printable and editable. This means that you will have the option of expanding the
program with your own suggestions.
In this program, I will share with you exactly what I learned in actual practice since 1980. My goal is for you to feel both
confident and competent with your ability to conduct stop smoking sessions in private or group formats.

You will learn:
How to eliminate subconscious smoking.
How to stop sabotaging success.
How to increase desire to be a nonsmoker.
How to effectively use metaphors.
How to use truisms in smoking sessions.
How to stop smoking forever and enjoy life even more.
How to market your stop smoking program.
How to eliminate the association of smoking and drinking alcohol.
How to eliminate physical withdrawals from nicotine.
How to have the other smokers actually aid in success.
How to keep clients motivated.
How to build a $100,000 stop smoking practice.
How to use key words.
How to use double-binds.
How to achieve total commitment.
How to create instant rapport.
How to turn past failures into successes.
How to have over a 90% success rate with smokers.
How to formulate and implement the perfect stop smoking session for each client.
How to remove imprints that have created failure.
How to alter the perception of smoking.
How to increase referrals by 70%.

There are a lot of individuals who will come into town and conduct group sessions at the local Holiday Inn®. Some of them are
not even hypnotists, but simply read a script and quickly leave town. If this was a successful way of working with smoking
clients, why do they always come from another state?

Our group smoking combines the advantages of a group session with the success of private sessions.  Attendees of your group
session will learn fun ways to change the way they think about smoking. As they alter the way they think about cigarettes, they
alter the way they respond to the stimulants that cause them to think of smoking.

With the knowledge gained in this program, you will have the option to conduct private sessions, group sessions, or a
combination of both.

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