Even experienced hypnotists have found themselves faced with the realization that they have induced hypnosis, but the level is not deep enough to
do the work the client needs.  It is vital that you have several deepening techniques in your repertoire to resolve this situation.  It has been
documented that a client who reaches a very deep level is more likely to realize they have been hypnotized than if they only reach a light state.

Watch the video. Read over the handouts and you'll be ready to go.

Watch Don Mottin as he hypnotizes a subject with his "hand shake" induction. He then demonstrates several deepening techniques.  This program
received one of Don's highest ratings. Yes, participates rated this training 4.95 out of a possible 5.00.

What will your rating be?

Every person is capable of being hypnotized. The fourth step of a session is to always deepen the state. Failure to deepen the state will
dramatically affect your sessions in a negative way. Simply put, you will fail at helping your client's.  As a bonus to the information you will be
learning about deepening, you will also discover the other seven steps of a session.

If every client was exactly the same a single deepening technique would be all that you needed. With over a half a dozen techniques you will
always achieve a deep level of hypnosis with every client.

Information you need to know:

•        Over 85% of clients will seek out a different hypnotist if the level that they achieved is very light.
•        Most clients will need more than one deepening techniques.
•        The deeper a client goes the more likely to realize that they have been hypnotized.
•        How to eliminate the built in 20% failure rate.
•        How one technique can turn into four techniques.
•        Overcome incorrect information about using compounding techniques.
•        A 60 second deepening technique that is normally over looked.
•        How to turn fearful thoughts into positive expectations.
•        Changing your delivery style.
•        How a metaphor can be exactly what the client needs.
•        When to use tests and challenges to deepen the level.
•        The two ways that repeated inductions can help the client reach a very deep level of hypnosis.
•        You will have the ability to find and avoid over 40 errors that some hypnotists make.
•        Learning what a Body Scan is, and how to apply it.
•        The three most powerful words that you will ever use.

What you will receive:

•        You will receive the full DVD of the live class.
•        You will receive a CD with the written material on it.  
•        You will receive the complete 2 page workbook.
•        You will receive a Certificate of Completion, with 4 CEUs

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F-244 Deepening Class

New Program filmed in August 2016!

Class on Deepening was rated 4.95 out of a possible 5.00 at the August NGH Convention.