New Program that was filmed in August 2016

Watch the video. Read over the handouts and you’ll be ready to go.

Watch as Don Mottin hypnotizes a subject who feels as if he must pass an exam the very next day.  Don uses over a dozen techniques in one session.

As a side note:  The volunteered not only passed his test, but did so with almost no fear or apprehension.

Most hypnotists know that smoking and weight loss can be a large portion of their practice.  With the economy changing and too many people looking
for a new career there is a new type of session that every hypnotist must master.

Hypnosis for passing exams.  This program goes way beyond helping students do better in the classroom. Too often the high school or college
students need our help but does not reach out to hypnotists. Rather than trying to figure out why the school market is so small, let’s look at the market
of people who are actively looking for people like you. Any person who needs to pass a test in order to start a new career. The similar type of person
that must retake a test in order to continue working in their chosen field.

These types of future client’s don’t just need the upper hand that is provided with hypnosis, they want to do well.  Yes, there is that four letter word

Information that you need to know:

  • Over 85% of these clients have already failed their test.
  • Over 68% of these clients have already failed the test twice.
  • Over 49% of these clients have failed the test over three times.
  • The vast majority of clients will say, or be thinking that you are their last chance.
  • Over 92% of these clients have invested over $5,000.00 preparing to enter their new career.
  • Over 80% of these clients have invested over $15,000.00 preparing to enter their new career.
  • Over 48% of these clients have invested over $100,000.00 preparing to enter their new career.

What you will learn:

  • How to turn past damaging thoughts in a positive expectation.
  • Increasing desire for success prior, during, and after the session.
  • Using the powerful word BEWARE three time in one session.
  • When to deliver words, forcefully, loud and upbeat.
  • A metaphor for change using a four year old child to help the client.
  • Three words that can create excitement, and positive expectations in less than two minutes.
  • When lack of sleep helps to secure success.
  • The most powerful post hypnotic suggestion that has ever been used.
  • Convincing the client that they see so much more than they ever realize.
  • A two minute technique that explains how and why the client failed in the past.
  • Stop talking for 60 seconds can prove to be the most powerful part of the session.
  • Simple techniques that can help remove imprints, not only about tests, but for so many, many different problems.
  • The three steps fable that will have the client smiling, while at the same time realizing the power of their mind.
  • A three paragraph technique that proves that the client has a good memory.
  • In 90 seconds having the client bring back memories that they have not thought about in 15, 20, or even 25 years.
  • Using difficulty from the first grade as a way of proving the client’s ability to learn today.

What you will receive:

  • You will receive the full DVD.  
  • You will receive the complete 23 page workbook.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion, with 4 CEUs.
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F-243 Passing Exams with Hypnosis