The one area of hypnosis that has grown year after year is pediatric hypnosis.
Even with a slow economy, parents are willing to invest money for their
children. This full day training program was taught in ten cities, and is now
available through distance learning. Below is a partial list of what you will

• Creating positive expectations • 9 deepening techniques for children  • Sports enhancement
• Working with parents • How to market your newly learned services • Winning the child's trust
• Creating amnesia in the child • Many techniques for removing fears
• How to stop bed wetting • Turning the session into a game
• Using NLP with children • Mastering many inductions for children             
• Discovering the 20 most common sessions • Using therapy CDs for ADD
• Creating hallucinations • Eliminating subconscious behaviors • Homework for the parent   
• Pre-hypnotic tests for children • Helping the child to enjoy life                     
• Discovering what ADD is and is not • 7 types of post-hypnotic suggestions
• Using magic in the therapy session • Pain control for children • Survive a divorce         
• Working with hyperactive children • Discovering if the change is for child or parent  
• Eliminating the statement, “I don’t know.” • Overcoming test anxieties
• Current approach to ADD/ADHD and Autism • 4 regression techniques
• Improving performance in school • Weight control for children • Internal & external stimulants
• Working with child’s sleeping habits • 9 deepening techniques that children love  
• Compounding suggestion with ADD • Improving conduct at home and school
• Stopping the habit of lying • Teaching self-hypnosis to the ADD child
• Overcoming compulsive stealing • Improving reading skills • Overcoming stuttering

Full workbook.  Four DVDs. Certificate of completion.