The one area of hypnosis that has grown year after year is pediatric hypnosis.
children. This full day training program was taught in ten cities, and is now
available through distance learning. Below is a partial list of what you will

• Creating positive expectations • 9 deepening techniques for children  • Sports enhancement
• Working with parents • How to market your newly learned services • Winning the child's trust
• Creating amnesia in the child • Many techniques for removing fears
• How to stop bed wetting • Turning the session into a game
• Using NLP with children • Mastering many inductions for children             
• Discovering the 20 most common sessions • Using therapy CDs for ADD
• Creating hallucinations • Eliminating subconscious behaviors • Homework for the parent   
• Pre-hypnotic tests for children • Helping the child to enjoy life                     
• Discovering what ADD is and is not • 7 types of post-hypnotic suggestions
• Using magic in the therapy session • Pain control for children • Survive a divorce         
• Working with hyperactive children • Discovering if the change is for child or parent  
• Eliminating the statement, “I don’t know.” • Overcoming test anxieties
• Current approach to ADD/ADHD and Autism • 4 regression techniques
• Improving performance in school • Weight control for children • Internal & external stimulants
• Working with child’s sleeping habits • 9 deepening techniques that children love  
• Compounding suggestion with ADD • Improving conduct at home and school
• Stopping the habit of lying • Teaching self-hypnosis to the ADD child
• Overcoming compulsive stealing • Improving reading skills • Overcoming stuttering

Full workbook.  Four DVDs. Certificate of completion.