What others had to say:

F-220  Stage and Demonstrational Hypnosis:

The material is very well organized. I appreciate the workbook
to follow along with and to study. Don is good-humored and has lots
of good tips that he shares. I am left with a feeling of “I can do it!”
that I wouldn't get from something more structured.
Sharron M. Penticton, BC, Canada

This information gives me knowledge and adds to my courage to
Sheila S. Conway, AR

I really enjoyed the videos and manual working together. I learned a
lot and it encouraged me to do my first stage show.
Nina M.  Plano, TX

Will help me with areas I believe I was weak in my shows. Great tips
from real shows. Nice reminder to enjoy myself.
Bill G. Yuma, AZ

I really enjoyed your sense of humor throughout the course, and the
ability to move through the DVDs at my own pace. Your energy and
enthusiasm is truly contagious, and inspiring. Also, you gave me the
confidence boost I needed. Your guidelines on safety for your
subjects was beneficial for me.
Dane G. Pembroke, MA

Perfect full explanation on how to do stage shows. Benefited from
the 20 steps, the forms, letters, and stage show skits.
Konstantine J. King City Canada

The program was wonderful and I played it again and again, and I
continue to play it as I prepare for my first stage show. I love the way
Don Mottin explained the entire process all the way through. This
program is invaluable to me.
Tom R.  Dublin, Ireland

The three areas that I benefited most from was dismissing subjects.
Various skits, and sample opening statements.  
Dennis O. Apex NC

Thanks, Don! I am a third generation hypnotist and I found the
program educational.
Jim R. T. Richardson, TX

The class has made me realize not to take myself so serious on
stage. I liked your presentation style, the mechanisms of hypnosis,
and the stage show skits.
Robert R. Troy, MO

I liked the fact that Don emphasized to have fun. It was a different
side of hypnosis that seemed like it might be fun to try.  The 100
secretes and tips. The simple opening statements and having a full
show from beginning to end was great.
Sara R. Milwaukee, WI

Excellent course. Gives one more options to work with.
Brian U.  Auckland, New Zealand