This program was filmed August 2012.  Full workbook 4 DVDs Certificate of Completion  

The title of this exciting class was chosen for a reason. First, parts therapy has been utilized by many different people, even
Freud used a variation of Parts Therapy. In almost every type of method that is used with hypnosis there tends to be the
good, the bad, and the useless. Too often, a person becomes too wrapped up in a single version of a technique and they are
not delivering the success that the client deserves. Hence this is why the title is Parts Therapy and Beyond. Don Mottin has
always been known to take a complicated technique and turn it into a working module. Don has taken the best of Parts
Therapy, adding his own material to come up with a program that will radically change the way that you work with clients. After
completing this class, you will have the ability to not only discover the origin of the problem, but also eliminate the negative
behavior that the client has been holding onto. Don Mottin has hypnotized more than 50,000 clients over a thirty-two year
career. Like NLP, parts therapy can be conducted outside of a hypnotic state, but the success rate is much lower, and clients
tend to be more likely to slip back into negative behaviors. Don realizes that anytime a hypnotist is considering attending a
class there are three concerns that they may have. First, will the new learned material enhance their success rate? Second,
will there be written material to back up what was taught in the class? Third consideration, is the instructor capable of teaching
the key points without adding fluff to the class? The answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes.   

You Will Learn . . .

•        What is Parts Therapy and Beyond
•        How to avoid abreactions
•        The importance of being flexible
•        When to and when not to lead
•        Portions of Parts Therapy to avoid
•        How to use positive anticipation
•        The use of anchors
•        The importance of the preliminary
•        Removing subconscious parts
•        Utilizing the defect technique
•        Changing sides, and when to use it
•        Classifying client type
•        Maximizing the use of ideo-motor response
•        When to leave a behavior at the subconscious level
•        Type of clients that respond best to parts therapy
•        Learn individual steps of Parts Therapy & Beyond
•        Build your confidence even before leaving class
•        The four types of regression
•        Achieving the correct level of hypnosis
•        Using the safety zone
•        Creating conscious and subconscious rapport
•        Post session suggestions
•        Why 20% of hypnotists fail with visualization
•        When to use direct and indirect suggestions
•        Obtaining The Word of Honor
•        Know when and how to negotiate for success
•        Using the technique of changing history
•        When to compliment the client

Materials . . .

•        Valuable workbook that contains each step and technique written out for you.
•        4 DVDs with a full session using Parts Therapy and beyond.
•        Certificate From Mottin & Johnson
•        The 23 steps of Parts Therapy and Beyond.  

Full Workbook  4 DVDs Certificate from Mottin & Johnson  $150.00

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