F-172  Working with Athletes:                                                          
Now Available in a Home Study Course

In one exciting home study class, you will learn to work with athletes in both private sessions and a 3-hour workshop.
Checkout what others are saying about this exciting class. Working with athletes. If you are tired of hearing “I don’t know if I
really want to quit smoking,” you should start working with athletes. You will never hear “I don’t know if I want to improve my
golf game.” It is a proven fact that people do not purchase what they need, but purchase what they want. Athletes of all levels
want to improve in their sport. Did you know that Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Mary Lou Retton, Jack Nicklaus and Shaquille
O’Neal all used hypnosis. This information with dozens of other athletes and celebrities who have used hypnosis is included
in the bonus data CD.

• How to deliver specific suggestions for all athletes.
• How to conduct individual sessions.
• How to work with teams and individuals.
• How to produce and market sports CDs.
• How to work with professionals and amateurs.
• How to conduct a three-hour sports workshop.
• How to market your new services to individuals, and high school, college, club, amateur, and professional athletic teams.
• How to work with golfers; bowlers; football, basketball, soccer, and baseball players; archers; skiers; runners; swimmers;
marksmen, divers, and over 30 types of sportsmen and sportswomen.
• Sample flyers.
• A 160 page workbook.
• 4 DVDs of the class
• Bonus Data CD
• Over 30 different sports scripts.
• Five inductions that are perfect for athletes.
• A complete outline of a 3-hour sports workshop.
• CEUs towards continuing education.

Don Mottin started his full-time practice in August of 1980. He conducted his first sports session in 1981 and was amazed at
how rapidly the change took place. Over the years, he has hypnotized over 50,000 people. Where your delivery may be
relatively the same for a smoker or weight loss client, he discovered that an athlete requires a totally different approach.
Imagine trying to motivate a football player while you are using your old-fashioned monotone voice. Don says, “You do not
need to participate or even fully understand every sport in order to be successful at helping the athlete.” He has added an
extra set of handouts with this workshop, filled with the different terminologies used in the various sports that you will be
working with. Don has prepared the exact wording that will create the desired change. Even the inductions are written for you.
He was surprised at the number of referrals he received from working in the area of sports enhancement. Referrals are not
given to the opposing team, needless to say. However, a player wants to help his own teammates and the referrals come
quickly. Not only are there more referrals generated from sports enhancement, but also clients tend to see you for a much
longer time period than with other types of sessions. For example, the golfer who comes to see you for slicing his drive after
the drive is better, you may then see him for improving his chipping or putting. Since most sports encompass several
different actions, each of these phases of the game then becomes a potential new session. The hypnosis sports
enhancement field is one that will be with us for many, many years to come.

Donald J. Mottin

Don was named the NGH “Educator of the Year” 1993 - 1996 - 2000 and “Most Outstanding Presenter” 1994. He received
the “Rexford L. North Award” in 1997 and the “Charles Tibbett’s Award” in 1998. He is the author of Raising Your Children
With Hypnosis (2006). In 2011, he received the “Hypnotism Hallmark Award.” Of all the continuing education classes we
have presented for our Guild members since 1986, there is one that has always elicited an overwhelming response —
Sports Enhancement. An average of 30% of the population is involved in some type of sports activity which could be
enhanced by hypnosis. Too often, hypnotists mistakenly market only services which they feel consumers need. Most people
will spend money more quickly on something they want rather than something they need. Right now millions of dollars are
spent each year by individuals trying to improve their skill in some sport or athletic activity. Golfers will do anything to shave a
few strokes off their games. Runners are looking for a way to cut a few seconds off their running times. Bowlers are always
trying to add a few more pins to their games. Amateur and professional athletes and their teams are more aware that
regardless of the sport they are participating in, an integral part of winning is not just physical—it’s mental. Don’t know the
right words and terms to use for various sports? Don’t Worry! You will also receive a glossary of terms for all major sports so
you will have the terminology at your fingertips. 4 DVDs. Bonus Data CD. Workbook. Certificate of completion.

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