What others had to say:


It was a great presentation touching on all practical applications.  
Sarah Pennsylvania

It will help me understand client’s better (learning styles) and how to establish
better rapport to help them
Nancy Missouri

I learned many new ways to implement NLP techniques in my practice. Don
makes learning easy and fun.  What a GREAT class.
Bill Missouri

I have read and studied NLP, but it’s been hard for me because there was a
lot there to learn. This simplified it.  My time is crazy so being able to do this
in a few minutes was great.
Annazell  R. Riverton, UT

I liked the exercises. I can use these with many different clients, in many
aspects. People want to be better in all ways, not just what they come to the
office to change. I benefited from the fast fear technique.
Jenifer Y. Victor, NY

Don has a great way of bringing information to life. I really liked the eye
accessing cues. I have heard it before, the visual chart makes it easier to
Gail S. Baraboo, WI

It took a topic that could be difficult and made it very easy to understand.
Cindy N. Augusta, NJ

The three items that I benefited from PTSD were the learning modes,
removing fears, and eye accessing cues.
Maureen D Vernon Hills, IL

The attention to details, descriptions were helpful, clear and beneficial. I
benefitted from the clearing of fears, phobias, and traumas.
Althea L.  Redding, CT

Liked the quicker approach to getting it done. The forms were helpful. I also
benefited from the matching and mirroring.
Roy C. Charleston, SC.