F-150  Mega Marketing

Thirty years ago marketing may have been as simple as running a small ad in the local newspaper about hypnosis for weight loss. Those days are
long gone. In order for you to be relevant today and in the future you must take the attitude of all of the above strategies. The Mega Marketing class
ensures that each participant will know exactly what they will need to do in order to fill up their appointment books with paying clients.  If there was
a single strategy that would bring clients into your office this Mega Marketing class could be taught in two or three hours rather than two full days of
one technique after another.

A word from Don Mottin:

There  are  three  requirements  in  order  for  a hypnotist to be a success in our profession. The first requirement is the ability to induce hypnosis. If
we cannot hypnotize people our career will end before it ever got started. The second requirement is the ability to deliver suggestions, or use
techniques that will help your clients make the changes that they are looking for.  In simple terms, if the client came to see you about losing weight, he
or she should be successful with weight loss.

There is the old saying that, “practice makes perfect.” The more times that you hypnotize people the easier this step of your session will become.
Yes. It is possible to have a 100% success at inducing hypnosis. The more sessions that you conduct on smoking, weight loss, sports, confidence
and others the higher your success rate will be.

Now, here is where the problem is for hypnotists who don’t have enough clients coming into their offices to improve and refine their induction
process. The same is true in regards to delivering suggestions once hypnosis has been induced. For too many hypnotists these problems compound
themselves in a very negative way. Hypnotists can’t improve their work with clients until they have more clients to work with.

There is only one answer to this problem— You must fill up your appointment book.  Imagine if I hired you as a hypnotist, and you started working
with six or seven clients a day—what would happen? Each week your success rates and confidence level would skyrocket. As clients realized that
you were confident in your ability to help them, your referrals would begin to increase, and thus you would have more clients, or find yourself
booked further and further in advanced.

When I was seeing clients for individual sessions I accomplished the two elements that many hypnotist are striving for. Normally I would see ten to
eleven clients each day. There were times when a client might cancel, or change their appointment date leaving me with eight or nine sessions for that
day. The second element that I found was that my appointment book was filled further and further in advance. The days of a client calling the office
and getting an appointment the same week was something that did not happen.

You, as a hypnotist, have spent a lot of time and money on your training. Almost everyday I speak with hypnotist who may be good at doing the
hypnotic work, but are terrible when it comes to bringing clients into their office.  In two days I can help you take your hypnosis practice to the next
level. If you want to start a full time practice this is the class for you. If you want to add more clients to your current practice this class is for you. For
those who will be opening an office at a later date, this class is for you.

What you will learn ...

  1. How to generate $15,000.00 with an investment of less than $2.00
  2. How to have other people do the marketing for you.
  3. How and when to book additional sessions.
  4. Avoiding the five mistakes that are commonly made with the phone.
  5. Office procedures that are easy to implement and pay off with large profits.
  6. How to use a two inch item that has brought in thousands of dollars.
  7. How to price your services for maximum return.
  8. When to offer a guarantee.
  9. Using low cost, no cost ways of attracting clients.
  10. Discover what type of seminar that everyone would consider attending.
  11. The 50 secrets of marketing that Don has always taught his own hypnotists.

Who should take this course?  

  1. Hypnotist who currently want to grow their practice or those who will be opening a practice in the future.
  2. Hypnotist who do not want to spend large amount of money in order to attract clients.
  3. Hypnotist who are ready to work smarter rather than working harder.
  4. Hypnotist who are ready to have a full time career that constantly produces over $100,000.00.
  5. Hypnotist who are ready to discover the errors that they have been making, and learn how to correct these problems.
  6. One size does not fit all. Hypnotist need to create their very own Personal Success Plan
  7. Hypnotist who have not been using Social Media correctly.
  8. Hypnotists who are ready to start offering corporate sessions.
  9. Hypnotists who realize that the future must contain medical hypnosis.
  10. Hypnotist who realize that the word advertisement is not a bad word.

It doesn't matter!

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a large city or a small town. The Mega Marketing class will work for you.
  2. It doesn’t matter whether you have been in practice for one week or twenty years. The Mega marketing class will work for you.
  3. It doesn’t matter whether you conduct private sessions, group sessions or a combination of both. The Mega Marketing class will work for you.
  4. It doesn’t matter whether you want a full time or a part time practice. The Mega Marketing class will work for you.
  5. It doesn’t matter whether you are ready to work with medical referrals, or would rather only work with changing habits. The Mega Marketing
    class will work for you.

A new you will be emerging from the Mega Marketing class. With the techniques that you will master in one weekend you will have the knowledge,
and techniques to bring in clients without spending a great deal of money. Too often a marketing class requires you to spend thousands and
thousands of dollars in order to bring in new clients. The Mega Marketing class is perfect for the hypnotist who is willing to work a little harder to
accomplish their goals rather than attempting to spend their way to a successful practice.  There are not many classes or seminars where a hypnotist
could recoup their entire investment with a single new client.

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