F109 Stress Reduction Facilitator  


Consulting hypnotists could start developing their own stress reduction programs. They could start writing scripts,
and developing special techniques to use with private sessions, and group sessions which require different
techniques also must be created. It could take months and months of research, and thousands of dollars to develop
the kind of promotional material that comes with this Ready-togo program.

Over the years, the NGH has sponsored many different programs — some of your sessions may be related to
weight loss, pain control, pediatrics, or smoking cessation — all of these programs have had both a positive and
negative side. They help our Consulting Hypnotists to add valuable tools to their practices, but are often limited to
the type of clients that can be helped with their specialized techniques. Techniques for weight loss may not be
useful for a person who is seeing you for test anxieties, and pediatric sessions would not appeal to adults.

So, what is different with this stress reduction program? Every person experiences stress . . .  it affects men and
women . . . rich and poor . . . young and old. There is not a human being anywhere on the planet that has never
experienced stress. You can help clients with your Stress-Less™ practice. What do we mean when we say, “A
Complete Turnkey Operation? It means you have everything needed to instantly put the plan to work.

Usually, programs that are this comprehensive come with hidden fees. Often a percentage of your income, or a
monthly fee to use the method and brand name. There can also be requirements as to exactly how your office may
operate.  With this DVD program there are no hidden charges. You will have the rights to use all of the promotional
materials. You can conduct private sessions, group sessions, or both and every dollar that you earn stays with you.

One of the keys to operating a successful hypnosis practice is to know when to add a new type of session and
decide if it could be conducted as private sessions, group sessions, or both. There has never been a better time
than now to become a Stress Reduction Facilitator.  People are under stress, and most know the toll stress takes on
the mind and body. Most importantly, they want to control or eliminate the stress. After completing this program you
will see three things happen:

First, the number of sessions that you can conduct will increase.

Secondly, all of your current sessions will be more successful by adding stress reduction.

The third exciting change is that you can teach stress reduction without the need of an office or employees, if you
wish, by doing groups.

Let’s make 2016 the year you take your hypnosis practice to the next level by adding the credential of Stress
Reduction Facilitator to your practice.


    1. The ability to put together an entire stress reduction program is a key to building your practice. Stress
    reduction is normally accomplished in three to four sessions. You will not only have a happy client, but will
    also have one who is constantly sending you referrals.

    2. Many people feel more secure using hypnosis in a group format. A participant for your classes will see your
    material either on your web page, or in printed form, before ever meeting you. You will have all of the written
    material needed so that your class is instantly viewed as being first rate.

    3. Incorporating stress reduction suggestions in with your other types of sessions. This step will increase your
    overall success, and keep you in demand.

    4. The fourth part of the class is promotional and marketing material. The written material for both groups and
    private sessions has been produced for you. This material is ready for you to place your name, address, and
    phone number on the brochures, fliers, web pages, and post cards. Just this promotional CD would be worth
    hundreds of dollars. It is rare to have a program where you could recoup 100% of your investment with a
    single client, but here it is.


  • How to administer the stress reduction test
  • How to use anchors for stress reduction
  • Increase success with every type of session
  • Controlling stressors
  • The top items that produce stress
  • What stress does to the physical body
  • When stress is good
  • How to market stress reduction programs
  • Stress and memory
  • Conducting stress programs for corporations
  • The use of pre-hypnotic suggestions    
  • Understand the Stress part of PTSD.


  • A full workbook covering both group and private sessions.
  • 4 DVDs of the live class.
  • The stress reduction test.
  • Certificate as a Stress Reduction Facilitator.
  • A computer CD filled with promotional material, tests, forms, and brochures for stress reduction sessions.
  • Web page material for stress reduction programs.
  • Written phone scripts for private and group sessions.
  • Fliers for a 3 hour stress class.
  • Postcards for promoting stress reduction.
  • The facts of stress on the mind and body
  • Plus, Much, Much, More

Full Program on 4 DVDs. Full workbook. Computer CD with all of the promotional material.  

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