What others had to say:

F-172 Working with Athletes

Fantastic. Great information, content, and presentation. Easy to
follow, humorous. Amazing role model. Good pace, fabulous
handouts.......Elaine M. Toronto Canada

You provided so much material I can tell you want us to do well.......
Aneta B Chicago, IL.

I love your classes. They are jammed packed full of knowledge.  The
extra bonus is good too. Overall it’s a great experience.......Lisa S.
Geneva, IL.

Great class. I’m so excited to set up workshops to grow my practice.
Athletes have been an untapped group for me. ......Judy G. Oakland
Park, IL.

Very informative. I picked up many tips and techniques. Don made it
fun as well as informative.......William M. Hopeston, IL.

Class was very informative. I will be able to use the information right
away. Thanks for all you do.......Deborah M. Peoria, IL.

Don is very informative and brings creative ideas to the class. I feel
that the information given in the class will be enough to really develop
this area of my practice.......Sabrina E.  Austin, TX.

Thank you for an amazing class. Thought that the class delivered
what you promoted and more. Definitely will recommend to other
colleagues.......S. Lenz  Bourne, MA.

Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for making learning fun.......
Bob M. Sterling, MA.

This class is outstanding tool for not only sports; it is also a great way
to learn to apply the principles to other areas of hypnosis. It is very
entertaining as well as educational.......Robert R. Kingston, MA.

I really enjoyed Mr. Mottin’s enthusiasm and knowledge as well as his
kindness. I cannot wait to apply the knowledge I learned.......Aynel C.
Chicago, IL.

Well presented. A load of new techniques, ideas, and methods. God
Bless. ......Charles S. Bethpage, NY.

A great class with lots of valuable information. I can apply many
techniques immediately.......Janice M. Eastchester, NY.

Great class. Mr. Mottin is a very captivating speaker with incredible
energy. He’s very knowledgeable, and I’m glad I took this class! ......
Tom M. Richmond Hill, NY.

Wonderful session. Lots of concrete ideas and applications. Mottin
was very generous in his giving all that he thought we could use.
Great amount of handouts.......Jean B.  Winnetka, IL.

Great class. Thanks so much for the valuable lesson, and for making
a really fine day. ......Glenn P. West Babylon, NY.

It was great! Plenty of information and the time flew by. You are a very
entertaining presenter. I have learned a lot.......Mary R. Medway, MA.

Loved the amount of information. Don is hypnosis on speed.............
Dr. Sandra L. Jupiter, FL.

Don is always engaging, energetic, and informative. I come to
everything he brings to Ft. Lauderdale.......Jan C. Pompano Beach, FL
Wonderful to receive additional information. Class was interesting and
energetic. Don is personable and charismatic. Enjoyed the day.......
Lisa G. Coral Springs, FL.

The class was great. Very enthusiastic and energized which made for
a stimulating environment. Great Job! Thank You.......Larissa K. Lake
Park, FL.

Very thorough. In depth and precise. Great amount of information.......
Gianni M. Ontario, Canada

I thought the class was very informative and entertaining. Lots of
valuable information was presented not only for sports but also other
areas of hypnosis......Jennifer L. Toronto Canada