This book was written with two objectives in mind.  The first allows adults to deliver positive suggestions
to children
without the use of a formal hypnotic induction.

These techniques are perfect for parents, teachers, clergy, nurses, school counselors and baby sitters
that may simply wish to improve their communication skills with children.  

The second objective of this book is to teach simple and safe techniques to children.  The techniques
described in this book have been written in a non-intimidating manner; free of excess clinical terms and definitions.

There have been classes taught and books written for almost every area of our lives, with the exception of communicating with
our children on a subconscious level.  The reader can anticipate mastering the secrets of delivering positive messages to
children that will change behaviors and allow their children to become the best they can be.  The techniques found in this book
are not based on theory, but rather have been successfully employed for decades.

Once the reader masters these techniques, it would seem impossible to ever go back to the old method of consciously working
with children.  Children today are faced with more complex problems than ever before in history.  The time has come for a more
successful means of communicating and leading them in the right direction.  

Parents and therapists have used a variety of methods to influence children.  There was a strict disciplinarian approach, there
was the permissive approach of allowing the child to decide for him/herself, and then there was the old standby of reward and
punishment.  The one thing that all of these techniques have in common, is that they attempt to influence behavior externally.

It has been proven that when we are dealing with an individual's external motivation, it will always be temporary.  For a more
permanent change, the motivation must be internal.  This is where proper communication skills, namely hypnosis, have been
proven so effective.  The child wants to improve for his/her own benefit, rather than for the benefit of the parent or therapist.  

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